CNC Milling Machines Supported by Quality Systems

Friday 05th October 2012 02:00pm

The advent of CNC milling processes such as 5 Axis Machining has seen a dramatic increase in the range of products that can be manufactured through the variations in milling that are now achievable. While CNC technology is central to the process, perfect results are not achieved in isolation.

A key component of a sound result is the consistency of process that a certified quality system provides. Although CNC milling machines operate automatically, they still require human involvement in job planning, materials purchasing and, of course, the actual programming of the machine.

In all work processes, the more complex the steps are between the idea and the finished product, the more chance there is of something going wrong. Managers, supervisors and workers simply cannot remember everything that needs to be done. Instructions are written down and used to train new employees. Simple processes that remain constant over time are often documented informally by individual operators.

However, in a formal quality system, work processes are set down in a manual, either paper-based or electronic, and any changes or variations controlled so that everyone who needs to know has up to date information. This all takes place before any milling tool touches any metal or plastic stock material and is absolutely crucial to the final result.

In quality certified companies, all aspects of the planning, materials purchasing and programming of the CNC machine that will create the product, has been checked against the original customer specifications and verified correct. The operator can commence the milling process, confident that every component that rolls off the line will be identical to the next and true to the original design.

It is not enough to assume that because a product is being made using a CNC milling machine, that everything will go smoothly, there will be no mistakes, the order will be delivered on time and the product will be perfect. Before choosing a company to make a product, the prudent customer should check the quality systems ratings of the manufacturing companies being considered, and choose one with the capability of CNC Townsville included, but with a recognised quality system in place.